Dec 26, 2009
Ponoka, AB.
2014 C7 3LT Z51
So my brother a buddy and I did an impromptu road trip which included 2500 klms of gorgeous BC scenery. Actually this is where I need to come buddy called me up and asked if I could do a road trip...I called the brother and the three of us ended up going.....the two vettes are technically the "tag a longs". We spent a week on the road with temps in the 25-35C the whole week! Of the entire trip only 145klm were with the top up and this was because the heat was getting to much for me one afternoon.
We traveled through Banff, Radium, (did the hot springs) down to Creston along the Kootney Lake, over to Nelson then over to Nakusp, Vernon, Kelona and finally Osoyoos. Came back through Revelstoke Golden Banff. An awesome trip with great guys.

Two "tag a longs"

Winding our way down into Osoyoos

One of our ferry crossings

Never get tired of looking at a vette in my rear or in front!

Thanks to my buddy for always pulling over and taking action shots
I remember that ferry. When I bought my '71 Roadrunner, I took it back. Some kids were loving my car, so I let them sit in the driver seat--made their day.

Seeing these pics makes me want to join the crew for our cruise in a couple weeks.

Riley, you should come for this. Take a breather, man!
You're not kidding. I would love to but it's rumored that I may be busy that weekend. I just might be going to the Mega Mopar Action Series at Castrol. My uncle is going to let me pick a Mopar to take out of his collection! If I wasn't doing that I would be in Saskatoon in the pits for our Legends race. Too much stuff going on this summer!!!
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