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Jul 26, 2010
1999 Coupe
I have a 1999 Vette coupe, standard LS1, automatic. When running at highway speeds the temp. ranges from 196 - 199 F. When I stop and idle the raises up to 230 F. Also at highway speed the oil pressure ranges from 40 to 44 psi. and around 30 psi at idle. Normal or?????....Thanks....BEEDEE
I'm not the resident expert but there was a discussion about this on a thread not too too long ago actually and this sounded normal. I think the thread was started by "C5Howie" if ur looking.
Just for giggles, check to make sure that there is nothing blocking the flow of air to your radiator. C5's like to suck up debris such as plastic bags which can cause problems. Also, if you don't like your engine reaching 230F (I didn't), turn on your air conditioning as that turns on one of the radiator fans and cools the engine OR see the resident expert and he will reprogram your fans to come on earlier. That is what I did and my car never goes over 200 now. Highly recommended.
I was taught that on a small block Chev of any type the general rule is 40psi of oil pressure at 2000 rpm is healthy,and normal is 20 psi at an idle.
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