Try phoning a dealership and request the parts you have in question and see if you can get them! :)
I don't think there's anywhere to buy parts off the shelf anymore. That engine was discontinued almost 20 years ago. GM didn't make spare engines, those last obsolete ones are long gone. You should look around, ask, and go to swap meets. Basically hoard parts that you might one day need. If you come across a wrecked one, if you're serious enough just buy it for the spare engine. I'm sorry I don't have good news, this is why many people avoid the LT5. There's a mint '94 on ebay right now with a buy it now of 17k and no takers.
Keith - That's an old crate engine, just like most of his other parts NOS "new old stock". This guy's a picker. I guess he does what I mentioned above and then sells on the internet marked up incredibly. If you're thinking he has many crate engines in stock I'll bet you you're wrong. His other parts are mostly rebuilds, the other stuff is nothing special he just matched the bolts etc. Have a good look at the crate engine pictures, I see about 20 years of rust on the outside of that engine just from sitting around.
Hahahhaaa. You know, I was thinking that as I was typing it. I would love to have that motor sitting in my living room....the wife...probably not.....yet. If we had room......maaaaaaybe.

Tell her it's a 302 Windsor--permission would be granted..........:D
I looked at a 90Z in the spring but did not pull the trigger due to the parts being very pricey and hard to get. That one is still for sale. Where is the one you found located ?
There are several on Kijiji Ontario. Low mileage and tempting.

If I had room and could own a second 'vette, it would be one of these.
Called 'King of the Hill' -- these Z's were very special and developed to be the fastest production car of its time. Not sure if it attained that status. If not it must have been close to it.

Hmmm, yes Keith, there's a nice black one on Kijiji asking $27k.
What an addition to any garage.

Parts for 1990 ZR-1

I also have a 1990 ZR-1, and obtaining parts is definitely a pain. Marc Haibeck knows these cars inside out and has connections were to obtain parts. He changed my injectors for me and obtained a few parts I required. CHEERS!
They are certainly beautiful engines to look at, and yeah I've seen pictures of them in guys living rooms as well the ole cruisniart rims used as coffee tables. The cars that are in good shape still regularly show up on kijiji for around 15k. Many more bargains for sale states side. But truth of the matter is that LT-5 engines gone the way of the "DODO". I'm waiting one day for one of these, or a Callaway from the late 80's (even more rare), to just fall on my lap.
I was talking to a guy about his ZR1 at the Cookstown show this past fall. He talked about parts availability. He also mentioned the rear dif and transmission are not standard Corvette fare either. When our '05 makes the same kind of hp, I really can't see why I would complicate my life with one of these. It definitely would be neat to own though just from the history stand point.
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