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Feb 5, 2009
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Here is a little video of the 1991 ZR1 LT5 , Dasilva Motorsports just rebuilt .

New Stainless works headers and some new Bilsteins .

Motor out

Out and ready for overhaul

A few had found their way under the intake manifold where the starter is . New wires have since been installed as the mice made a snack of the the old ones .

Breaking dow the LT5

This is why Dasilva Motorsports is your choice , its the attention to details no matter how small .
The first fire of the newly rebuilt LT5
Another fine work of art from the crew at Dasilva Motorsports .
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Knowing someone who can actually work on the old ZR1s makes it a little easier to think of buying one. They are bullet proof from the factory but everything eventually wears out, or the mice eat something and work needs to be done. From time to time these cars come on Kijiji at prices way below what you would think these cars might go for. A lot of performance for something in the high teens to the low twenties is a bargain.
Manny, while you are in there make sure to refurbish the starter solenoid contacts, ( $3.00 item) and make sure the drain hole underneath the starter is cleaned out.

And if the Fuel Injectors are still stock, toss them. They are built with mild steel pintels and the electrical insulation cannot tolerate ethanol based fuels and will short out.

At this point of the game, (Intake Plenum and Injector housings removed), a lot of horsepower is available by port matching the IH and Intake Plenum to the heads.

The LT-5 is an incredible engine, have fun......
From what I understand, the early injectors are not ethanol friendly which isn't a problem as long as we can get the 91 ethanol free stuff. About the only thing I don't like about the L98 and ZR1 engines is the way they buried so much stuff under the intake. I kind of like having the starter and other stuff readily available. Not a big deal when this stuff was new but it isn't new any more. It is wise in going through the starter and anything else that is under the plenum while it is off.
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