May 31, 2009
hespeler, cambridge
1987 c4
hello everyone. i need some help here. my neighbour wandered over yesterday with his 2 year old. i heard a clicking noise and wondered what it was. the child was playing with the drivers side power door lock switch. when i went to get into the car later the lock switch is now loose feeling and works intermittently watching the manual slider(sometimes nothing, then half way, then back then all the way. anyways i assume that the switch is popped off something.
anyhow any one have any experience on removing the panel around that area? i took out the few screws i saw but it still held on. dont want to break the old plastic. does the switch pry off alone or so i d=need to remove whole panel.
ps: can't blame the kid, just fascinated with a corvette as he should be. lol
I never fixed the issue I had with my GTA... but the locks only went loco on me a few times intermittently. I'd say try to find a swith at a wrecker and take it out yourself... if you bust the first one taking it out, go for the other one!!!
If you are going to replace the part, I would suggest just taking your time and going slow. If it doesn't come right away, check for bolts, clips, etc that may still be holding on. Try to see which way it should come off before you do. You don't have to rush, just take your time and make sure it's done right.
Most door panels are held on by a combination of screws and plastic inserts with fins instead of threads or just snap in plastic locks that you have to pry out. Just make sure there are no screws left under an armrest or something. Sometimes the plastic inserts break but you can pick them up at most body shops.
Oh.. .I left out that a lot of door panels have to be lifted to clear clips around the top of the door once they are loose from the door frame itself ,,, I haven't seen an 87 so I am not sure... you could try to google 1987 corvette door panel removal... hope it goes well..
I've had the door panels off my 88 several times. Held on by screws, dont forget the ones on the door jam by the power rear hatch button. Once removed , lift up in the direction of the door glass as it snaps into the top of the door.20min and you should have the button replaced and reassembled. Hope this helps, Good luck

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