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Dec 26, 2021
1960 corvette
I have been told that two things that drive up the price of a car are options and the rarity of an option. I also know that drivers prefer performance and a a standard over automatic! have tried to find a similar 1961 corvette powerglide to price the one I will be selling but no luck. I cannot find one anywhere. That would have been an option and it seems to be hard to find. I think I paid $900 for a 1960 glide I bought about ten years ago. It also had to be rebuilt. Looking for some guidance on what this beast of a tranny is worth.
Thanks in advance
Not a high demand for that trans unfortunately. I'd guess it's worth a lot if you can find someone who needs it but that in itself would seem difficult. Advertise it on the yankee Corvette Forum in their for sale forum and see what happens. You need to put a price on it so start high and go down if there's no action. Shipping if probably the worst part. What city are you in? If you're close to Ottawa give me an email.....I may know a guy. [email protected]
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