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Feb 5, 2009
1998 C5 / 2015 Z06

This beautiful piece of history is getting some loving care from the Dasilva Motorsports crew . Its a number's matching car , but not perfect . It had a restoration done in the 80's but much was missed .

We have already done all the body mounts and suspension as well as new wheel bearings and some brake restoration in the way of new lines and fittings .

New OEM wheels were added , and we had them powder coated in red to match . A new set of wide white walls from Coker were also installed.

A complete new OEM wiring harness with fuse block is next on the list along with a new Hurst 4 spd shifter and all new HVAC .

This Corvette will be a driver as the owner wants to be able to enjoy it along with the other 3 he owns :thumbs:

New brake lines and fittings:

New body mounts & hardware:

New bushing's & hardware:

New rear shocks:

Here we find the collars were put in backwards which did not allow for the grease to get where to it should be . All fixed now.

Expert Alignment by Dasilva Motorsports :

At Dasilva Motorsports were more than just superchargers :canada:
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Wow that will be sweet when she's done. Great job so far Manny.

I fixed your text explaining about the axle collars. I'm sure you didn't want it to seem that you installed them.

Here we find the collars we put in backward which did not allow for the grease to get to it should be . All fixed now '

Looking forward to the progress.

All new wiring going in :

Out with the old :

Nice wiring layout to follow:

Looking good :

Up next , we will be doing all the HVAC and controls plus a complete rebuild on the HURST shifter .
That is one beautiful car. And the right iconic colour for that year (for me anyway).Because of all the vette colours on this site, I almost feel politically incorrect in stating my taste in colour etc. (tomato or tomatoe)
That new wiring harness is probably the best fire insurance you can have. A friend had his `64 Impala out for a drive and everything was fine, as it had been over the years. He came back home, parked the car in the garage and went to his work shop to get a wrench to disconnect the battery. When he got back the wiring was smoking. Had he not come back he may very well have lost the car and the house. Battery quick disconnects are a good idea too although it can be a pain resetting everything in the newer cars.
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