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Apr 23, 2012
Good Afternoon.

I thought I might share my experience of turning the odometer past 100,000 kilometers.

It all started heading home from the now infamous Ponoka meet, where I met some old Corvette friends, and made some new ones. On the way back, our very own Riley managed to snap this shot action shot--you should have been a surgeon Riley!

The next morning, I made a go for Saskatoon--home of Riley and one of my best customers for work. He always wanted to see my car, and have a ride. I usually don't bring the Vette on business, but for this great customer?! SURE!!! Besides, with the milestone around the corner, I wanted to make sure I wasn't getting groceries or doing some other mundane task when it happened. While prairie driving isn't as nice as mountain driving, it certainly isn't without its charm. The best part are the many places to give the car a jolt, if you will......

Leaving Saskatoon, headed to Calgary next. My route took me through Rosetown, Kindersley, & Drumheller before reaching my destination. Shortly after Rosetown, I noticed the odometer climbing up. Every few kilometres, I checked to see where I was at, and suddenly, this guy came out of nowhere:

Saying he was passed "5-hole" style would have made for a great story, but I was nice, and merely left some smoke for him in exchange for the dust he left me.

After a stop in Kindersley to pick up some Hiway tunes (Led Zeppelin CD) I proceeded to have the big moment :


The evening was warm, sunny, and I was on a very lonely stretch of Hiway. Other than Hannah (home of Canadian rockers Nickleback), there isn't much for several hours. I managed to make some room in the trunk for my top, and had a couple hours of open-road, top-down freedom. This IS why I love the Vette lifestyle so much!

I pulled over to mark the spot and snapped these pictures--the Immigrant Song serenaded me while having a quick stretch. As the Corsas politely growled at idle, I wanted only to stay right here and enjoy a few moments.

The prairie finally gave way to badlands and hoodoos, as I reached Drumheller. The Vette was thirsting for fuel and a splash at the wand-wash. I still got out to take a couple shots before putting the top up, having dinner, and completing the final leg of my 7 hour drive.

On my way out of town, and while the sun was setting on a great day, I took one final shot, as day turned to night, and constant whir of the Corsas led me to my next stop.

Now I am enjoying a cold adult beverage from the solace of my deck! Writing about my most recent adventure.

Thanks for tuning in!

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That is a great adventure. Neat pictures of a milestone moment in the cars life. Just remember that in real measurement it only has 62,000 miles, just barely broken in!

So I need to ask. Could you have gone under and out the other side? Would have scared the crap out of a number of people. :rofl:

Congratulations. I like this story line.
Nice Pics and story Vince.

Looks like there is a warning light on your dash in the 99999 pic. Might want to get it checked.....
Black 03 Z06,

I likely could have passed between the legs, but it would have been tight. There was defiantly enough width, and the height looked good, but questionable. I REALLY wanted to, and had to restrain myself from doing the wrong thing, lol.

Bearly, the light you speak of is the traction control light--which I always disengage when driving. Ever since buying bigger rims and wider tires, it seems to kick-in WAY too early.

However, my check ABS light come on twice now, and I'm not sure why. The entire braking system was new as of last year--lines, rotors, calipers, and pads! One time, the check traction control light went on too, but I think it was the computer just glitching out. Both of them shut off after re-starting the car.
XLR8R.. Great story complete with pictures..
I too was wondering how you took the 99999 pic, while breaking the tires loose at 60kph??
Thanx for sharing your milestone moment...
PS Led Zeppelin great choice.. I just picked up the remastered LPs and CDs last week.
Good afternoon Vince,

What a great story! A superior job that we can all aspire to create. I felt as if I was in your passenger seat rather than in my office. Kudos for taking such an extended trip after Ponoka too. There is no doubt you are setting a high standard for how these cars should be enjoyed on the road and not just stored in garages.

I've often been tempted to try driving under a high clearance sprayer myself. As rearward visability is non-existent I would love to have a camera on the drivers face as a car comes shooting out from under his engine compartment without warning! I considered this seriously with my 280ZX as it is a fairly narrow car but just never screwed up the courage. My current high clearance sprayer I don't think is wide enough for the Z06 to fit and also has an occasional oil drip. While I am not as meticulous as you with keeping my car exterior clean (more so than the engine though!) it would be irresponsible to have dripping engine oil befouling the yellow paint...........

I hope you (and everyone else) are managing to stay cool - 33 here now and hotter over the next 4 days. In the still of the day you can actually hear the crops deteriorating.


XLR8R.. Great story complete with pictures..

I too was wondering how you took the 99999 pic, while breaking the tires loose at 60kph??

Thanx for sharing your milestone moment...


PS Led Zeppelin great choice.. I just picked up the remastered LPs and CDs last week.

This is a Jedi-burnout trick...................shhhhh
Cool deal!.....my brother owns a high clearance John Deere sprayer if you want to try come blow through the 5-hole!......we can strap the GoPro's on your car for the event! Haha

I'm serious too!


The ladder folds up
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I'd have never thought of documenting the 100k km event, neat idea.

2 weeks ago I left Brampton for Florida and in the hills of West Virginia, turned over the 100k mark in my 2011 Jetta TDI, and hope it sees a few more 100 moments. I didn't drive my C7 down since I'd only had it 4 days and didn't want to put the miles on it before it was properly broken in.

I will now remember this. I think it's a great idea!
I think I will do the same. Lets see I have 18,000 kms on my 03 over 12 years so I will be about a 105 when it happens. I think they will have taken my license by then so maybe not. :rofl:

Still think this is a great story and I would give you a thumbs up if we had one.
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