Mar 9, 2009
Saskatoon, Sask.
2005 vert
Well...took the car out to SIR tonight. Realized that you must remember to turn off traction control...daa(14.07). With stock tires...various rpm launches, the best I could do was 13.5 at 107....cannot hook'em up. Tryed lower rpm a bit of a wheel hop so I thought I could put more into it...nope..then you really burn'em. Plus going into second...the first time I damn near had to let off as I was burning tire and started to turn to the wall. All in all it was a riot. All shifting was done at 6000 and not redline 6500, whether that would have really helped I don't know.I think some decent street slicks would bring it into the 12's as most have reported. A new Camaro (nice)was out there..did mid to high 14's. Thats it for me. Have a good weekend all!!

Launch at 2500 rpm. Do not dump the clutch, slowly let it out and let the tires hook up and then giver. This should get you into the 12's. Remember to have the car in Competitive mode, do not turn the traction control/active handling off! This can save you should there be something on the track and the car goes sideways.
Sounds like a riot!! I saw the new Camaro. Silver with a Black stripe? I ran into him at the grasswood gas station. He was pretty pumped about his times. I officially love those cars after seeing it close up. But Black or yellow and nothing but!
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