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Jan 27, 2009
Sherwood Park
2001 Z06
Interesting thing happened...

I have an '01 Z06 that (going by the manufactured date) should be plagued by the well discussed oil consumption issue all over the internet.

For those that aren't familiar... in the first year of production there was a condition created by running the engine at higher rpm (typically above 3000) under light load that would cause the primary (i think it is) piston ring to flutter slightly and consequently cause a temporary period whereby the engine would consume some oil. GM fixed the issue by using a different profile piston ring in subsquent LS-6 engines. Some '01 motors were replaced under warranty while others weren't.

For the first 1,500 km's or so I noticed that I was going through about a liter every 1,000 or so km's which was quite high. Being that the engine only has 35k on it I have no intention of replacing it or tearing it down so I just figured I would either alter my driving style and/or keep checking the oil.

Here's the interesting part. For the last 2,000 km's the engine hasn't consumed even a DROP of oil.... The only thing I can think of is that before I bought the car, it essentially sat (with no km's and limited running) for over a year and somehow the engine has "re-seated" itself or established a fresh wear pattern (although highly unlikely or even possible).

Does anyone have any idea how this may have fixed itself or was I paid a visit by the engine fairy??? :D
Interesting, I did not realize that the oil consumption problem was also involved with the LS-6, I thought it was only the LS-1. Crazy.
Here is my guess: I am not sure about the engine reseating itself, unless there was maybe some light corrosion of some type on the steel sleeves, it is also possible that the oil was getting by the valve guides as they could have dried out a bit from sitting so long and it took a while to get them to seal again. However, hopefully someone with some real knowledge will chime in.
thanks Riley... it's really weird. I figured I just had one of the bad ones but it didn't really bother me. This is known not to be a performance issue or anything. I certainly haven't avoided higher RPM's just because of this "issue" that's for sure.

Interesting to hear if there are any other theories.. :) The fact that it sat for so long does seem to be a factor but really... what would it truly cause?

Interesting.... :) Maybe a set of STS rear mounts will automatically appear on it as well!!!!
I've heard of this and done a little research also... does anyone have the "do-it yourself" instructions that people are discussing? (~$35 in parts vs. a fancy looking kit off the net for $200)

I think I might tackle this little gremlin over the winter in addition to installing my front and rear blackout kits and changing the downstream. o2 sensors
Not totally a "do-it-yourself", but I would maybe talk to Fire22 as he built and installed his own a while ago. http://www.canadiancorvetteforums.c...sion/757-oil-catch-can-my-latest-project.html

My 01 uses a bit of oil, so far my catch can has been working well. I made 3 of them, sold 1 and if I am satisfied with the performance, the third will be for sale as well.

:nono: "vs. a fancy looking kit off the net for $200)"
- Its a Corvette, it has to look good under the hood (I think that is a written rule somewhere):D
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