1. Mule

    Hope your havn a good year.

    Hi. The vets had a total of 6 sets of tires I was on my second set of Hancooks a weak shell of a tire after I had Continental extreme contact sport tires installed a couple weeks ago on my C5 now it rides as good as it did with adjustable shocks. Find Continental tire owners I guarantee you’ll...
  2. Michelin Pilot Super Sports

    Michelin Pilot Super Sports

    Taken off Z06 at 9000 KM. Never been any repairs. All tires measure 6-6.6/32nds. Asking $500 P335/25ZR20 and P285/30ZR19
  3. Wanted - (New or Used) - Set of 255/50R16 Tires

    Wanted - (New or Used) - Set of 255/50R16 Tires

    Looking for a set of 255/50R16 tires for my 1987 Z51 C4. Any street tire that has some life left in them, and a DOT code newer than 10 years would be ideal. BFGooderich g-Force Sport Comp2 tires are a well known option, just went out of production.
  4. Millennium Jade

    Help Continental ExtremeContact sports

    Just got the sad news from my tire shop that Continental had discontinued their ExtremeContact sports in 295/35/18, my order was cancelled and refunded. They were one of the most well priced summer performance tires with decent treadwear for C5Z corvette. Does anyone know what the alternatives...
  5. dross87

    C5 Z06 Front Tires For Sale - OEM Goodyear Eagle F1 (265/40R17)

    I am selling 2 front tires from my 2003 Corvette C5 Z06. These are tires that were on the car when I first purchased it last August. The previous owner purchased these tires new 2 years ago. I've replaced all 4 corners since the purchase, but these tires are still in good condition with 7/32nds...
  6. J

    Featured Tirestickers/letters

    Give us an opinion on what you think of the tire stickers on my car.
  7. Karam

    C7 Z06 winter package (tires+rims+tpms)

    I have a barely used winter tire + rim + tpms set from a 2017 Corvette Z06. I purchased this set in late January 2018 and only drove 1000 kms on it. Although the manufacture date on the tires is 2011 and 2012, they were stored in a temperature controlled environment and never used until I bought...