1. M

    LS6 With Vortech V2 Kit Out of C5 Z06

    Hello, I’m looking to sell my ls6 with a Vortech Procharger out of my c5 z06. The procharger kit will include everything necessary to install into a C5 Z06. Need funds to invest in a new motor setup :) The LS6 needs a rebuild (worn rocker arms and possibly bearings/rings) Comes with a BTR...
  2. cstugo

    For Sale: 2015 C7 Z06 stock Supercharger for Sale

    I replaced the stock SC with a Procharger system. As such, I am looking to sell the stock SC. It had about 6,000km on it when we did the change-out. Nothing wrong with it all. Drop me a note if interested. Asking $3,000