1. G

    Question Need help aftermarket seat Braket, Recaro

    Hi! I bought 2 Recaro seat and I was wondering if sommes of you already install them ? With no braket the height is perfect , so is it possible to just bolt it to the floor? 😁
  2. EJChevy

    Guide 2020 C8 Corvette Seating Options Explained

    GM Authority composed an excellent guide to the seat options available in the 2020 Corvette. I'll post some highlights below. Correction from info in the article: A customer has brought to my attention an error in the article: If you order a 2LT, you get heated and ventilated seats...
  3. taylorsk8

    Wanted C5,C6, or C7 seats

    I am thinking of putting C5,C6, or C7 seats in my restoration. Just putting a feeler out to see if anyone has some for sale. Would need to be mostly black or all black.