samsung s9 plus

  1. Nik

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - Purple 64GB

    Selling off the missus phone. 1 year old Samsung S9 Plus (originally acquired for Telus). Unlocked. Comes with a stylish kaseme case as pictured. It has a slight chip on the paint of the fingerprint sensor. It does not impact the operation of the fingerprint sensor but I've attached a pic of...
  2. Nik

    Samsung S9 Plus Phone + Spigen clear case

    Selling a just over 1 year old Samsung S9 Plus Gray, 64gb in a spigen black and transparent case. Great condition no cracks or damage. Not locked obviously. Price $500 Rest assured that I've sold many phones on here without complaints. Pick up in east end Toronto. No receipt. Comes with...