paint correction

  1. Toxix

    Featured Toxix Detailing - Foxbody Factory 25+ Year Old Paint Brought Back To Life

    Hi all, I know this isn't a Corvette by any means but these good ol American cars deserve a lotta love, especially when we start seeing them at 20-30 years old and all original paint too! Funny story behind this Fox, we met this potential client (Simon) at the DaSilva Racing Sick Kids show in...
  2. jeffsolomon

    Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating - Toronto/York Region

    Hey Folks, Has anyone in Northern Toronto/York Region had any experience with local paint correction and ceramic coating shops? I am toying around with having my ‘07 Vert done. It’s in great shape, but would still benefit from a paint correction due to a few swirls and water marks. I am...