1. ArielleLaPierre

    What is this number on the gas tank?

    I recently needed to take the gas tank out because it was leaking, I wanted to paint it so prevent any further rust development. When I started cleaning it I found this number stamped on the tank, I also found what is left of the original build sheet which I am sooo exited about!
  2. ** SOLD ** US Royal Laredo original spare tire

    Used ** SOLD ** US Royal Laredo original spare tire

    ** SOLD ** US Royal Laredo (Uniroyal) 7.75-15 spare tire (used). Obviously not suitable for running due to age, but still holds air. Suitable for show or judging. Original to 1965, 1966, early 1967 Corvettes. The tire came with my 64 but is not correct for 1963 or 1964. Serial number on tire...