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  1. RBMcD

    Recently Acquired due to Unfortunate Circumstances

    Hi All, As noted above I'm new to the Corvette scene due to some unfortunate (and sad) circumstances however excited to be part of this community. A bit of history, my brother-in-law always had a convertible for the summer months in Edmonton and in 2016 he picked up his dream car, a 2002 Black...
  2. C

    Faraad Arfeen-Corvette Stingray

    Hello All!! I'm so excited to be apart of this forum. I have loved and dreamed of owning a corvette Since I was a child and received my first die-cast model of one. Always choosing one in Gran turismo and Forza. I am also an insurance agent, which is always a good thing when you like cars...
  3. EventHorizon

    The ultimate driving machine

    Hi Everyone, I am a mechanical engineer who loves high performance sports cars. I am coming up toward the end of my master's degree and have spent the last few months looking for a mint Corvette as a grad present to myself. I have realized that used low mileage Corvettes are hard to find. Now...