1. Wanted - (New or Used) - Set of 255/50R16 Tires

    Wanted - (New or Used) - Set of 255/50R16 Tires

    Looking for a set of 255/50R16 tires for my 1987 Z51 C4. Any street tire that has some life left in them, and a DOT code newer than 10 years would be ideal. BFGooderich g-Force Sport Comp2 tires are a well known option, just went out of production.
  2. Tony Gull

    New Pilot Sport A/S 3+ ZP

    The short drive home from Costco impressed me already. Car felt much better and 0 noise from the new skins. Just replaced the stock Super Sports. 39600km. The fronts were worn on the insides worse than the rest of the tires. If they had worn evenly I would've got another 10K out of them, going...