1. JJTL

    Help 1987 C4 TPI - Rough Warm/Hot Start

    Hey friends, hope you’re all having a great summer! I’ve been fighting a bit of a warm start issue that so far I haven’t quite nailed down. Hoping to lean on the experience of the group here, maybe help point me in the right direction. Scenario 1 – Starts Great: When the engine is cool and the...
  2. C

    Selling Targa Top

    Hello Guys, I recently bought a glass top for my C7 2017 corvette. Out of curiosity, how much would a black carbon fiber top go for? I don't really want two tops haha.
  3. 50th AEfan

    Wanted C-5 tail light grilles

    Looking for tail light grilles (4) for a fellow enthusiast with a 2000 white coupe. Anyone have a set not in use/needed suitable to powder coat white. thx in advance.