fuel pump

  1. evandermaarel

    C3 Won't Start

    I have a 1976 C3 Corvette that I just installed a new starter on and it is owrking beautifully. However, the car will only run for 30 seconds if I put some gas in the carburetor. I am going to start working my way back to the tank from the carb. My first thought after checking the manual pump...
  2. CaptainHook

    New Wiring, Fuel Pump, Driveshaft

    Hey all, looking to completely remove and re-wire my 72' Any suggested companies to use for this? Also looking to go from a mechanical fuel pump to a electronic fuel pump. Lastly, when I re-installed my engine and transmission the driveshaft sits about 1 1/8" away from the yoke on the...