1. Messner

    ^^^ CRUISIN 2023 - Starts May 20th! - Greater Calgary ^^^

    CRUISING GREATER CALGARY Celebrating our 6th Year! ACTUAL EVENT DATES are on our WEBSITE - CLICK HERE! 1. Sign Up NOW for the Cruz Newz - The ONLY way to become aware of all the Events, the Registration Info, the Directions & Joining Instructions etc. Door Prizes at all our Main Events -...
  2. Messner

    CRUISE COCHRANE (Alberta) - On-Going Cruises

    CRUISING has taken on a whole new meaning with this Covid-19 pandemic shutting down most events including Car Shows, Show & Shines etc. CRUISING has become very popular in our region! In fact we have at a minimum tripled our car-counts this year with one cruise having over 200 vehicles! CRUISE...