cruise night

  1. C

    Event East bound and down 2k23 poker rally june 17th 2023

    One of the biggest poker rallys in Western Canada, check out the Facebook page. Contests 5050 draws and more. A 200km run going from mossilegh Alberta to big valley Alberta 7 stops raising money for kids with cancer society
  2. Messner

    CRUISE COCHRANE (Alberta) - On-Going Cruises

    CRUISING has taken on a whole new meaning with this Covid-19 pandemic shutting down most events including Car Shows, Show & Shines etc. CRUISING has become very popular in our region! In fact we have at a minimum tripled our car-counts this year with one cruise having over 200 vehicles! CRUISE...
  3. Messner

    CRUISE COCHRANE (Alberta).

    NOTICE: CRUISE COCHRANE. We sure hope you can ALL come tomorrow. Its open to all Hot Rods but we need some Corvettes so I'm not the only one! Help us at Cruise Cochrane - Celebrate & support local Mom & Pop Businesses! We've done a Press Release and so far the local Radio Station and The...
  4. Messner

    Event Calgary Cruise Nights and Shows

    The A&W at Crowfoot has Wednesday Night Cruise Nights. It’s going to be a nice day and evening - anyone else going??
  5. C

    Event Wednesday Night in Woodbridge

    Hi Guys, I assume this is posted on the site somewhere, but I couldn't find it, so thought I would post it as well. This is a FANTASTIC night, great selection of cars, mainly American muscle but EVERTYHING is there! There facebook is Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27 Next Night...