1. WN Jeff

    Featured My First Corvette University Video

    Gone are the good old days of getting into a Corvette with the consumer and demonstrating all of the many how to do this or how to do that during delivery, and honestly, I think some salespeople enjoy the idea of skirting out of the delivery process and just tossing a set of keys to the new...
  2. WN Jeff

    Featured New Arrivals - 23 and counting!

    It has been a crazy week and more are still on the way!
  3. WN Jeff

    Orange - What a colour!

    Yesterday, while driving home from work, I sat at a red light with my thoughts off in someplace where thoughts seem to go while waiting at a red light doing the same drive that you have done a million times before. My conscious brain was abruptly smacked back into reality by a distinct engine...
  4. WN Jeff

    2021 C8 Corvette Walkaround

    Below is a trailer to my upcoming C8 Corvette Walkaround where we go from front- to mid-engine, in under three seconds with North America's most iconic performance vehical! My apologies for this double post (Full disclosure I posted in the wrong form by mistake!)
  5. WN Jeff

    2021 C8 Walkaround Trailer

    Join me on April 2nd, 2021 for a Walkaround of North America's most iconic performance vehicle as we go from front- to mid-engine, in under three seconds!