c8 z06

  1. WN Jeff

    I think that its time to start getting excited about the Z06

    I want to start this post with a small disclaimer. If you're currently on a waiting list for a Z06, your patience will be a venture and very much worth it! The Eighth-Gen Corvette Z06 is not a Car it's THE CAR. To highlight this, I have provided a link to a video recently uploaded by Hagerty...
  2. WN Jeff

    Need your help Corvette Blogger Z06 Video Remix

    It would appear I accidentally got myself into a Z06 remix video challenge on Corvetteblogger! Please leave a comment on their site and let them know which one you prefer... So long as it's video number 2! [VIDEO] 2023 Corvette Z06 Remix - Corvette: Sales, News & Lifestyle