1. Trevor

    For Sale *** SOLD *** Brand new in box - C2 rear exhaust filler panel purchased from Eckler's #25-100010-1 Made in USA

    *** SOLD *** I'm selling a brand new (still in box) rear exhaust filler panel without exhaust pipe holes to fit C2. Only selling because i decided to leave the rear exhaust on my car. MADE IN USA This is the rear panel required to give your rear exhaust to side exhaust project a professional...
  2. A

    Featured 1966 / First Post

    Good evening! Never a bad day to own a 1966 Vette! My grandfather purchased this car when I was 4 years old. He told me when he bought the car it was for me, so he recently gifted it to me now that I’m 34. He wanted to see me enjoy it. He raised me and now I’m taking care of him. Circle of...