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CarabooCreek suggested Wheels Plus to me for my C7 front wheel repair and new tires about a year ago. So last January 2024 I paid the store a visit where I met Todd (owner) and Noah.
I asked for a quotation (price and delivery) for new run-flats for my C7. Todd gave me a reasonable price for tires and told me the tires are in stock. I informed Todd the delivery was unacceptable! :p

I also mentioned that one front wheel has pretty bad curb damage and needs repairs. Todd discouraged me away from the wheel repair/powder coating shop I proposed (they were just going to file the damaged areas) and suggested I work with Wheel Works. (Wheel Works really deserves its own very positive review.)

I thanked Todd and said I will think about his service. The next day I called Todd and told him, "lets get this done". That afternoon I brought in two wheels/tires.

On my way to Wheel Plus I stopped in at Wheel Works (same neighborhood) and met Cory (50% owner) to get his opinion about the wheel repairs plus all wheels being reconditioned for rock chips, the approximate cost and turn-around. Cory said their process is to chemically strip the factory coatings for all the wheels, spray-welded the damaged front wheel then machine it back to specifications. All four wheels get two coats of powder which is harder than factory. His estimate was "about $700" but said I'd probably get a better deal working through Wheel Plus as they have a long, positive working relationship. Cory informed me February is a slow month so I can expect a three or four day turn-around on wheel repairs.

I motored over to Wheels Plus, dropped off the first two tires/wheels. I got a phone call in less that 48 hours to come pick up my repaired/reconditioned wheels and new tires. The reconditioning and tire installation for the other two was again, less than 48 hours! :Hurray:

As for new run-flats I bought the updated Michelin Pilot Super Sport ZP. Todd mentioned they have the same tread pattern but are a bit quieter.

Simply awesome and seamless service between the two shops. In addition I really appreciated Todd's advice on other topics. His experience and opinion is worth a separate visit. :Woohoo:

I cannot make a higher recommendation than working with Todd and Noah at Wheels Plus and also Cory at Wheel Works.

Thanks for reading my review.
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