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    C5 ABS Module

    i found mine on kijiji
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    C5 ABS Module

    So i answered my own question today i swapped out the electronic module for the ecbm , did not change the pump and wouldn't you know i no longer have the abs light or traction control light , I really did not want to have to swap the pump as well . 30 minutes in and out and its fixed , wow...
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    Am I Nuts?

    i would be more than happy to come over and teach you how to drive it , you could sit back and just enjoy the ride
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    C5 Rear Window Tinting question

    only guy i trust to do my cars steve doran the window tint guy 1 piece fitment
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    new color for 2022

  7. Chevrolet-Corvette-C8-Caffeine3.jpg


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    EBTCM, Repair or Replace

    you can not fix 97 threw 20000
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    Classified Forum Rules

    how does one delete
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    2002 Z06
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    2002 Z06

    here is the car its for sale for 35 k , car has 9 thousand klms and over 10k in high end stereo equipment, its being sold by my friend for the estate
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    2002 Z06

    mystery solved i finally saw the car in person , the picture i saw on his Facebook was just an image he used to get the stripe package
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    2002 Z06

    no idea possible tint ??? i haven't seen the car in person it only has 9 thousand klms on it apparently