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    Amplify Orange vs. Sebring Orange PICS

    And just to clarify what you mean by lowered, using the stock adjustable coil plate (that comes with MRC or Z51). And if one has the front lift, requires a swap of adapters up front and adjustment of coil height in back. My understanding is that the work to swap adapters is somewhat involved...
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    My 2022 is home.

    Congrats !! Looks like you went with the new low wing option. Trying to decide between that and high wing (like many). Nice color combo with the interior (love the natural), sadly cannot take natural with my color selections. Have fun !!
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    Building C8.R from 3LT - anyone ??

    Maybe I should ask my question differently, besides guys like @JohnP who went 3LT and RB/TB interior, is there anyone considering to go HG with the SCG / SY interior (3LT as well). After that decision, it's pretty much aero, rims, wing, and to complete the wanna-be look, stickers. Not sure I...
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    Building C8.R from 3LT - anyone ??

    Hmmm, That would make for a good plan, spend your money instead. Aren’t you supposed to be telling me RB is the fastest color ? Was just curious who else went this direction (recreate the C8.R), which brings me to another question, C8.R sticker on a non C8.R (like having fake sneakers maybe ?)
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    Building C8.R from 3LT - anyone ??

    So here's the reality check. By the time some of us make it down the list to place our order, the limited edition C8.R special edition option will be long gone (none available). As some of you know, I am a big "pastel" color fan, and until now, was flip flopping between AO and RB. Yet my brother...
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    New GM Official Licensed Products Manufacturer for the C8 Corvette!

    You guys should also start thinking about teaming up with artists and print shops to offer accessories for the garage. I have been looking for a HUGE laminated (frameless) picture of the C8, or even logos and things like that, have found a bit but lacking. Guys who own corvettes want to decorate...
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    Amplify Orange vs. Sebring Orange PICS

    Was waiting for this photoshoot to appear on here, very nice boys !!! Sadly did not get to meet up but heading down to Ont sometime end of Nov, will try to ping either of you Cam & Gilles to try and get to see these colors in person. I am sure AO pops way more in person than on a computer...
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    Our first 2022 in Amplify Orange Tintcoat

    That looks sooooo purty !!! I am sure it must look even hotter in person. As I drool over these pics, I have it side by side with a Rapid Blue trying to determine which one looks nicer. Sigh, they both do !!
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    Featured Current BG production estimate

    Well you're talking to a guy who is from Quebec and there is no way in heck I was putting a deposit with ANY Quebec dealer down here, they are all just too small compared to the bigger ones in ON. Case in point, I walked into a dealer close to my house (Brossard for the Quebec guys), the sales...
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    Unique Stingray / Z06 option - Surfs Up

    Did not see this option on the order sheet :)
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    Would you do 19" and 20" or 20" and 21". Let us know what your set up would be.

    I was convinced to go 20/21, usually an upgrade feels right at +1", and I have seen images of 20/21 setups and on my screen it looks great. Was a done deal, BUT spoke to someone from this forum, who saw a 20/21 setup and said it does not look right on the car, rims just look too big, sidewall...
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    Question Mag ride. Yes or No ?

    I love how JohnP is always promoting that beautiful Rapid Blue, the "fastest color" right ? I am still giving Amplify Orange a fighting chance against it, and want to see those 2 colors side by side. As to the topic of Mag Ride, I don't think I can live with myself if I opted not to get it...
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    Allocations / Deliveries during winter months - same volume ?

    Thought I would ask a question that is bugging me. In chatting with one of the forum members, they made me realize something I was not aware of. I assumed that for every dealership, whatever their average allocation is per month, that average allocation continues thru the winter months too. Sure...