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    Announcement CCF Is BACK - Sorry sorry sorry

    Thanks Nik appreciate all you do.
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    Oil change ?

    I would change it, peace of mind.
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    Question Performance Mods for 19 ZR1

    Race ready garage in Cambridge.
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    What do you do for a living?

    Currently working at toyota cambridge for 22 years started working on line. Now the last 18 years i deliver parts to the line on towmotor and forklift. I got 7 more years till I retire, freedom 55!
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    Answered C5Z transmission and differential fluid change interval

    I was told by the owner of a corvette performance shop to change the differential fluid and transmission fluid every 5 years.
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    Adjusting Cooling Fans - C6 - Calgary

    You could try a cooler 160 degree thermostat.
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    Tony Returns from the Dark Side

    Thanks for posting Wayne. I would sure hope the cop has something better to do then pulling me over for no front plate.
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    What did you do today?

    Sorry for your loss Murray.
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    Who has had their Vette the longest?

    Bough mine june 2011 with 32000 km. Today it has over 58000km on it.
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    Out of The Blue

    Thanks Murray, for the update. Colin is a good guy, Tony, Wayne and myself wanted him to come down to Bobbies. But we knew about his unfortunate circumstances, hopefully things will improve, so that he can get back in the corvette world.
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    Carbon fiber diffuser?

    Caravaggio in Toronto sells them, have not dealt with them personally. They have positive and negative reviews on their website from customers. Do your own due diligence before ordering parts.
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    Mysterious oil leak - 2005 C6 LS2 engine

    Agree with the others most likely rear main seal.
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    Best Car Worst Car U Owned ?

    My worst car 1986 ford tempo blew the motor only paid $300 for it so in this case you could say you get what you pay for. Best car my current 04 z06.
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    Long tube headers

    If you get long tube headers you might need a tune, either one of those would probably void the warranty. So you might want to check with your dealer. Unless you don't care about warranty.