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    Question What is the going price for a quart of AC Delco Dexron LS 75-90 gear oil

    Cut off an inch of your long allan key and then just put a wrench on it. Alternatively, I'll sell you my special short allen key for 2005 Corvette diff fluid change for $20, haha
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    Question BRAKE FLUID - DOT3 vs DOT4

    I'd say I've done a fair bit of brake fluid research over the years, and I've never heard that DOT4 absorbs water quicker than DOT3. From what I've read, there is no performance downside to using DOT4 instead of DOT3. The two are generally interchangeable as well, unless you're on the fringes...
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    For Sale: C7 Grand Sport Stage1 Splitter

    G-ForceJunkie submitted a new listing: C7 Grand Sport Stage1 Splitter - C7 Grand Sport Stage1 Splitter Learn more about this listing...
  4. C7 Grand Sport Stage1 Splitter

    C7 Grand Sport Stage1 Splitter

    It's in pretty good shape other than some rub marks on the driver side. You might be able to get rid of them with some elbow grease and detailing product, but they don't just wash off. The underside has some scuffing, but it's not visible from the top side. Includes new mounting kit. I would...
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    For Sale: C7 Mild to Wild Exhaust Switch [Deleted]

    This listing has been removed and is no longer available for viewing.
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    For Sale: C7 Mild to Wild Exhaust Switch [Deleted]

    G-ForceJunkie submitted a new listing: C7 Mild to Wild Exhaust Switch - C7 Mild to Wild Exhaust Switch Learn more about this listing...
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    Question C7

    Z51 is certainly track capable. I don't hold a crystal ball for future values, but as you seem to know, C7 values have held up well so far. Z51's don't have the wheel issue that the Grand Sports and Z06's have. Might be worth waiting a bit longer to make the plunge. I was planning on...
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    Track days

    Speed Therapy, Ontario Time Attack, OMSC, and SPDA put on the best events. If you've never done any track events, I highly recommend starting with a driving school.
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    Whats Missing from the Battery cover?

    I'd be interested to see those. My understanding is none of the aluminum hooks can actually be used for towing. Would want to look into that aluminum hook on a steel receiver as well.
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    Corvette purchase and transportation

    I used TFX to ship my C7 from Calgary to Toronto area. That was a brand new car, so I didn't really need to see it (although the most friendly forum member here did take a look at it for me). Used stuff is a bit harder to buy from afar, in my opinion. That said, my previous C6 was bought...
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    Brake System

    The guys that actually track their C8s will surely purchase your stock rotors from you. If you knew brakes you'd know there is nothing more practical for track use than a blank rotor. Unless you are spending very large coin, your cosmetic rotor upgrade is going to be a downgrade in performance.
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    Poll C7 Corvette purchases. is there somewhere other than Autotrader, Cargurus to look for used C7 Corvettes for sale

    Ya I'd say your options are Autotrader, Kijiji, and the forums (either US, or here)
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    For Sale: TPMS Tool for C6 (and others)

    $60........willing to ship!
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    GM's C8 resale restriction

    I had a 6mo/12,000km export restriction on my 2017. It was just part of the standard purchase paperwork. It also mentioned that I certified I was not planning on re-selling it within Canada, but it wasn't an actual contractual obligation. While I'd prefer GM didn't put these restrictions on...
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    Honey I got such a deal...

    Dude probably drove his C8 for a few months, got more than he paid for it, and then bought a car he actually needed. Sign me up for that.