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    Day 1 - Ron Fellows Performance Driving School

    There was (is?) a program at Cayuga where you rent a privately owned super / sports car. It's not cheap, but it's a lot less than a set of tires. Other tracks likely do the same.
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    Poll C7 Corvette purchases. is there somewhere other than Autotrader, Cargurus to look for used C7 Corvettes for sale

    The occasional C7 (and a lot of interesting stuff) can be found here: The best vintage and classic cars for sale online | Bring a Trailer
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    Battery Type in a C7

    If it's oem, it is not an AGM.
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    3LT Auction
  5. Screenshot_20210114-201243_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Screenshot_20210114-201243_Samsung Internet.jpg

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    Poll HTC or Coupe?

    <------ FJR 1300 (parts on order for recall)
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    Picture for XFIRE

    This can be in your stable in less than hours:
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    Current BG production estimate

    Or 8 hr shifts... 7 -3:30 4:30- 1am. (Usually there's 1 hour between shifts. Employee parking capabilities)
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    Current BG production estimate

    Just a guess (from experience). If day shift is working 10hr shifts. Likely 7am - 5:30pm. Afternoon shift is working 8hr shifts. Likely 6:30pm - 3am.
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    GM's C8 resale restriction

    Ford GT owners couldn't sell for 2 yrs. Some 2018's are starting to appear for sale.
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    GM's C8 resale restriction

    The 6 month no flip clause is included if and when I use my "employee discount" (not gm). If y'all are paying msrp, then that's just dirty business.
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    Guess The Car

    You guys nailed it.....looks like the omega.
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    Guess The Car

    Dodge Aspen. (or it's Plymouth cousin, Volare)
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    Guess The Car

    92 mustang?
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    Lets see your garage

    '88 LX with trunk, on the bottom? '18 Bullitt on top?