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  1. Jenyfr
    I have a genuine GM Steering Wheel Position sensor (part #15231656) that I don't need. Anyone looking for one?
  2. KelownaChev2017
    The longest produced sports car on the planet. To all 'Vette owners, you are a diverse and amazing group. Treat each other well.
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  3. rockitman
    rockitman Zedaholic
    Had to look you up on the forum
    1. Zedaholic
      I see that you found me. I'll look for a picture of the car cover I mentioned to you and will text it to you
      Jan 11, 2018
  4. Climie48
    Selling 1982 Chevy Corvette
  5. DonnieT
    77 Corvette Coupe - Tan L48 08 Corvette Coupe - Velocity Yellow
  6. flyboy999
    flyboy999 Karam
    Hey Karam I hope you get my email response. If you don't, let me know :)
  7. Les the CarGuy
    Les the CarGuy
    Corvette Sales Rep
  8. ccltj
    ccltj SN-III
    I’m Sorry, if I did something wrong. I thought the other bidders & I were having a little fun. I will Stop. Merry Christmas
    1. SN-III
      all is good ... thank you
      Dec 10, 2017
  9. Zora 16
    Zora 16
    We own two Corvettes. 1970 Monza red Stingray convertable that is currently a work in progress, and a 2016 laguna blue Stingray coupe.
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  10. Zora 16
    Zora 16
    Happy to finally be here! Thanks Baby Ray for inviting me to join.
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    2. Baby Ray
      Baby Ray
      Your welcome.
      Dec 9, 2017
  11. Darrellg1
    Aircraft mech/inspector/gear head all my working life and more!
  12. streetstock72
    Just a update on my profile l finally have my wifes 79 Corvette back on the road last month after its been off road since May/05
  13. Cruzin
    Cruzin Nik
    You are doing a great job Nik in regard to informing members. Thanks
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  14. Corvetteplus
    More pics coming soon
  15. thedarknight
    just joined and happy new owner of my 2017 Z06! cheers everyone!
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  16. Darren
    Darren Maxwell
    What a nice ride, amazing color really looks good in sun when it sparkles. Is that a 08?
  17. rusmac
    Enjoying my days off.....watching a little NASCAR.
  18. Darryl L
    Darryl L Nik
    Thanks Nik! I'm sure I'll learn lots in this club.
  19. Nik
  20. Canadaboy54
    Hi All. I own an '04 C5 Commerative and I Love It! Looking to Enjoy and Learn at the Forum. Cheers!