CANCELLED - PMSC Autocross Round #1

The Peterborough Motor Sports Club has posted the schedule for their 2020 Autocross (also known as Solo I or Autoslalom). I will be taking part in most if not all events and I invite you all to come to join me!

Autocross or AutoX is controlled racing in a daily driver, learning and refining fundamental car control and competitive skills.

There will be 10 events in total, all of which will take place at Kawartha Downs and Speedway. If it's dry, the events will be run on the oval (that's right - autocross on a real race track).

Want to see what a lap typically looks like:

What is autocross?

Autoslalom is a low-cost "grassroots" motorsport discipline that allows almost anyone to enjoy the thrill of automotive competition in a safe, controlled, and legal environment, even using their daily driver.

An Autoslalom event consists of competitors driving through a 'racecourse' laid out using pylons on a large parking lot or other paved surfaces. Because the vehicles race independently of each other, at no time can there be contact with another competitor, thus reducing the risks considerably, and allowing the drivers to concentrate on threshold braking and precision cornering. Each run is electronically timed, and the fastest driver in each class is the winner.

Almost any driver can participate in almost any car, no matter how old, the make, the model, or the modifications that have been done to the vehicle. As long as the car meets certain safety standards, Autoslalom has a class for your car.


What is the Minimum Age to Compete?
16 years of age with a valid driver’s licence for the crew member listed as a driver. Passengers (minimum age 12 years, minimum weight 36 kg or (80lbs) and minimum height 145 cm or (4’9”)) are permitted. For any participant (driver or passenger) under the age of majority of the province, written permission signed by a parent or guardian must be provided.

What Kind of Cars are Acceptable?
Most entrants drive their cars to the venue and a valid driver’s license is requirements.. Your car must be in good mechanical condition and able to pass a basic technical inspection done at the event.

What Equipment Do I Need In the Car?
A helmet is required, conforming to at least SNELL M2005 specification. The club has loaner helmets, or you can borrow one from a friend, so newcomers can try out the sport first, and purchase their own helmet once they are hooked on the sport – which won’t take long! Helmet Specifications Participants must wear seatbelts – your car’s standard factory belts are fine.

How Can I Prepare for My First Autocross?
Most importantly, familiarize yourself with the course. Each driver will be provided an opportunity to walk or drive through the course, or to have a parade lap, prior to the first run.

If you're looking for how autocross really works, CASC has a great article on it. You may read it by clicking the following link:

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Kawartha Downs Raceway, County Road 28, Fraserville, ON, Canada

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