With great appreciation, I am posting this with permission and on behalf of the organizer for this event.
Accommodations are filling up very fast in Cold Lake and by registering your Corvette in the Static Display, you may be able to choose from accommodation that is limited / blocked out.
As part of the 2018 Flightline Static Display 65th Anniversary of the Corvette, a few spots for Corvettes are open and welcome for a return.
This is a 4-day event from July 16th through to July 20th 2020. More information to come in regard to the two days prior to the Air Show.
Currently seeking a couple of Corvette C8 Owners who are willing to Show their New Corvette (protected - roped off - display).
Of course all generations are welcome and it would be Great if we could have one each of the 8 Generations of Corvette.
Thank you,

Good Day Collector Car Owners!
Planning for the 2020 Cold Lake Air Show is well under way. The theme for this year's Air Show is the 50th Anniversary of the Snowbirds!
Not only will the Snowbirds be performing at our show, but our feature performer - for the first time in Cold Lake - will be the US Navy Blue Angels!
One of the major attractions for the Cold Lake Air Show's Flightline Static Displays over the last 2 shows has been the Vehicle Display held inside # 6 Hangar.
The Executive members of the Air Show committee were impressed with the theme we did for 2018, (the 65th Anniversary of the Chevrolet Corvette), and requested a theme for this year's Vehicle Display.
After some careful thought, and to combine a few cars that will celebrate their 50th Anniversary this year, we decided to do something a bit different and came up with "The Collector Cars of Racing".
Known as "Homolgation" cars, these are the cars that were built for the general public to meet the minimum requirements to race on the track.
Feature cars we would like to get for our show include those built for NASCAR, SCCA Trans Am, Le Mans, FIA GT1/GT2/GT3 and Rally (along with other race series throughout the world).
Just like we did for 2018, the show is not restricted to just the themed cars. All Classic, Custom, and Exotic cars / trucks / bikes will be welcome to join us.
As in 2018, pre-registration is a must, along with photos of your vehicle.
Attached is the application form for the 2020 Collector Car Show. I encourage you to read the details on the application form and the accompanying letter.
Rooms in Cold Lake are booking up very fast. Please contact me as I have a handful of rooms reserved at various hotels / motels in Cold Lake.
I look forward to having you join us for the 2020 Cold Lake Air Show!
Grant Smith - 2020 Cold Lake Air Show Vehicle Display Organizer

Registration Information & Form (contact information) attached


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