New C8 Flow forged wheels, factory sizing

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I have a brand new set (still in boxes, just removed for photos only) of Fast FC04 Flow Formed (hybrid forged) wheels, in factory Carbon Flash finish (the metallic black matches the C8 CF color very well). Anyway, I ordered these early last year (almost 2yrs ago now, LOL) in factory sizing so I could swap the factory Michelins over without issue, but, get a MUCH better stance (these are 45mm offset, sits flush with the outer fender lip) and a lighter and better looking wheel.
Before some will say, "eww, Fast wheels are cheap", and yes, Fast makes "cheap" wheels many use for winter use on their cars, but, the Flow Formed line are an amazing value for the quality you get. Many C8 owners have bought these wheels.
Here are the specs of these exact wheels:
Fronts: 19" x 8.5", 45mm offset, 5 x 120mm bolt pattern, 66.9mm hub adapters (I bought these and they included with the wheels - fitment is perfect). Weight: 20lbs
Rears: 20" x 11" (Fast doesn't make an 11" wide wheel anymore, I got the last set in this fitment), 45mm offset, 5 x 120mm bolt pattern, 66.9mm hub adapter, weight: 24lbs.
The only reason I'm selling, is, while I was waiting for my C8 allocation to finally come in, I scored a deal on custom HRE's locally.
I have the original plain black center caps for the wheels, You will get both sets to use as you see fit.
I'm only asking what I actually paid for the wheels and adapters: $1300 complete. I think that is a helluva deal on somewhat light wheels that fit the C8 very nice. I'm the Ottawa area, but, am willing to ship (at buyers cost), and I do drive down to the Hamilton area semi regularly , so, delivery may be possible as well. Thank you.


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