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With my acquisition of a cooler bleeder and all the parts needed to run this unit I would like to get more use out of the bleeder so for a reasonable fee and if you are in the GTA area I can perform this service for you.

I can perform this service on the following cars:

2015-19 C7 Z06
2019 ZR1
2009-13 C6 ZR1
2012-15 Camaro ZL1

If you are not familiar with the CAC system, these cars are all supercharged and from the factory I can pretty well guarantee you that your Charge Air Cooling system was never properly bled. There will be air in the system. This means your car will not perform at its best potential especially under high boost/high load situations. Your car can easily limit power and trip an engine light/code, heat soak sets in much more easily and quickly. You wouldn't drive around with air in your cooling system so that should also be true when it comes to these cars and their respective CAC systems.

I recently just did my C7 ZR1 and the amount of air I pulled out of my stock "untouched" at the time system was shocking. If you haven't seen the video I did:

Cooler bleeder has their own set up and operational video (skip thru all the set up stuff if you just want to see the CB do its thing 26min mark)

If you have this done at the dealer level labour charges can be up 3hrs or more and even they most times can't get all the air out of the system. Manually trying to do this with manual pumps and hoses will be messy and time consuming again no guarantee of getting all the air out.

I have performed the service on several vehicles already, all these cars had major air in the CAC system now they are fully bled and running much more efficiently in that system.

So PM me with the vehicle you have, any questions and a phone # I can reach you at to set up an appointment, as I work during the week prefer to do this on the weekend 1-2 cars per day. Cost is $120.00 and will take anywhere from 20-40 mins to do (if you have major air no issue I'll run the CB as long as it takes to eliminate all the air out of your system). If you are travelling a decent distance to have this done plan for some time for your car to cool down before the service is performed.


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