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Corvette is Second Among Vehicles that People Keep the Longest

It should come as no surprise to most readers of this website that Corvette owners love their cars so much that they often keep them for years.

Now a study just released by confirms that belief.

In fact, the Chevrolet Corvette ranks second on the list of new passenger vehicles whose drivers keep them the longest, with the average years of ownership for the Corvette being 9.0 years.

Another Chevy, the Suburban, ranks seventh on the list with an average of 8.4 years of ownership.

To get their results, analyzed more than 6 million 5-year-old or older used cars sold by their original owners between Jan. 1, 2013 and Dec. 31, 2017. Models which were owned for less than 5 years were excluded from the analysis, to eliminate the effect of short lease terms on the data. Models that were in production for less than 9 of the 10 most recent model years (2009 to 2018), heavy-duty trucks and vans, and models with two standard errors of the mean greater than +/- 1 month, were also excluded from the analysis. The average age of each model was calculated using the ages of cars when they were first listed for sale.

STUDY: Corvette is Second Among Vehicles that People Keep the Longest

iSeeCars CEO Phong Ly said many factors could contribute to a car’s ownership longevity such as its function as shown by the dominance of family vehicles on the list, including the No. 1 ranked Ford Expedition at 9.0 years. (We’re not sure why it wasn’t tied with the Corvette since both are listed at 9.0 years, but we’re assuming that the Ford held a microscopic advantage.)

Besides the practicality of an SUV, another reason for holding onto a vehicle could be more emotional – say “a fondness of a timeless classic like the Chevrolet Corvette,” Ly said.

The Corvette, by the way, was the only sports car to make the list.

“Sports cars tend to not be primary vehicles,” Ly explained, “which is why owners might hold on to them longer than the average car since they are not subjected to as much wear and tear.”

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Interesting article.
Thanx NIK.

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I just saw this old article but had to put my two cents worth in. Our oldest vehicle is a 1987 S-10 short box truck. Still drives down the road like new. Then there is our no winters 1997 supercharged Olds LSS. It is our summer only family car. The newest we have is the 2005 S-10, 4X4 Jimmy that we bought new for a winter vehicle then the 2005 Corvette that we bought after selling our 1969 Chevelles. It's our play toy. The vehicles listed above are hardly broken in. ;) They can bury us in the Corvette. Why do I keep the 1987 you might ask?? That's my go-buying truck. Take the Corvette and what you want to buy will be 50% more.
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