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Member Nominations Awards and medals in this section can only be acquired by manual request, nomination or discretionary award by a moderator.
Make Love Not War. Our Peacemaker award is awarded to members who have demonstrably added value to CCF and our membership by going out of their way to help others and diffuse situations in the interest of harmony, peace and because we're too lazy/uncomfortable to moderate every situation.
Total awarded: 0
CCF Automatic Awards CCF Specific Awards awarded based on various achievements such as posts, likes and so forth. These are automatically awarded as you reach the dizzying heights of CCF stardom.
You're a Regular
We have your favourite chair ready for you.
Total awarded: 416
Big Time Donor
You've donated at least $500 to CCF. Simply amazing!
Total awarded: 4
Mr Moneybags. Get this if your VetteCoin savings have swelled to 50k.
Total awarded: 4
Seriously Rich
You've amassed great CCF fortunes. Time to buy an island!
Total awarded: 51
King of the Post
You've posted more than an average post office. You are King or Queen. Thank you.
Total awarded: 19
You're Celebrated
Your posts are getting a lot of reactions. Get a high ratio of reactions to posts to earn this.
Total awarded: 190
You're a Donor
You're a big time donor. We thank you for keeping CCF growing.
Total awarded: 20
You're Liked
Yes they said it couldn't happen but people like you.... Or at least like what you say.
Total awarded: 192
Mega Donor
You're a mega donor. We can't thank you enough!
Total awarded: 9
Forum Sponsor
You're a Forum Sponsor. Amazing!
Total awarded: 2
You're a spanner.... Just kidding, you've helped other members by having your answers to questions voted as best answer in Q&A threads
Total awarded: 0
Spotlight Award
You've won our Media of the Month Competition more than twice. You like the spotlight and fame that goes with it.
Total awarded: 3
Show Off
You've posted at least one Showcase item, you show off you....
Total awarded: 2
Hot Chili
Post a Hot Deal in our Hot Deals Forum and get a hot chili in return.
Total awarded: 23
You're 5
Congrats. You're 5 again. Thanks for being with CCF for 5 years, stick around for another 5.
Total awarded: 1,329
10 Years
Congrats, you've been here longer than I have. Thanks for the 10 years on CCF
Total awarded: 441
User Profile Car Badges Badges awarded based on your user profile car selections
I own a C1
Total awarded: 19
I own a C2
Total awarded: 24
I own C3
Total awarded: 119
I own a C4
Total awarded: 91
I own a C5
Total awarded: 126
I own a C6
Total awarded: 170
I own a C7
Total awarded: 261
I own a C8
Total awarded: 150
User Profile Locale It's where you live
Total awarded: 1,185
I'm in Alberta
Total awarded: 292
I'm in BC
Total awarded: 309
I'm in Saskatchewan
Total awarded: 110
I'm in Manitoba
Total awarded: 90
I'm in PEI
Total awarded: 47
New Brunswick
Total awarded: 77
I'm in Quebec
Total awarded: 142
I'm in Newfoundland & Labrador
Total awarded: 64
Nova Scotia
Total awarded: 75
I'm from the US
Total awarded: 316